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By Cassia Vetus

Cassia Vetus on Gambero Rosso 2021

Also this year we are present on the authoritative guide of the “Gambero Rosso”. Arezzo and its province with 4 ice cream parlors awarded with 2 cones. (1 is in the province of Lucca 😄) Let’s start the dances and clubs! And let’s hope it’s a season full of fresh delights!

Can the ice cream be paired with Brunello di Montalcino?

Can ice cream be paired with Brunello di Montalcino? We tried it and it went very well! The ice cream was a Vista Alegre del Vestri di Arezzo creamy chocolate sorbet. Enriched to support the structure and complexity of the wine, with salt, herbs, sechuan pepper, candied mandarin. Great and fun try: -But what goodness- the format of Teleregione Toscana channel 86, conducted by Angela Label. Guests with a super fun “Giancarlo Carli” who prepared a fillet of Chianina with Brunello and aromatic herbs. The Brunello was a 2015 Querce Bettina presented by the producer Paola Moretti.